Saturday, May 14, 2011

Summer 2011

result byk dah kuar :) tunggu organic chem sahaja. terima kasih Allah :) im happy.

2 more days im gonna go home back in Malaysia. enjoying myself for 3 months and no class! Goodbye Buffalo yang sejuk! see ya ! n.n

Thursday, May 5, 2011

sikit laGi hoh!

waOW! 1 paper dah abis,.. ohoiii lagi 1 pn dah abis... hoihh 1 more 1 more.

haaa this another subjek yg membahagiakan semua insan kat UB. exam on saturday at 3pm. lepas tu i merdeka and yeaY! But still its in imaginary stage. STOP.belum lagi.. sabar sabar. peluk buku kuat2.

kene la tyme exam ni kan menconteng conteng kat sini. Act, tgh take 5 penat bljr. tp rasenye ni dah lebih ni.hihi. ok! sambung blajar! nex week Malaysia mAriiiiiii yuhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~ :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

hujan basah salji

Ya Allah Ya Allah Ya Allah...

im a litle bit frustrated. everything seems not right but there is something that make me feel better. Im tired but im not able to stop cz i have to and thats my responsible as Allah chooses me to be on this path.

today, i did microb exam. im gonna go to Boston this week having some Malaysian seminar. i feel dnt wanna go for some personal reasons. Hopefully smeone can take my plce if not ive to go. Nex week on Saturday i have organic chem exam. i feel much better in this subject cz we got lab marks to cover the final grade but not microb. InsyaAllah everything wil be good just need to b patience and smile.

Next, i have to do some extra credit. Thank God! it hard for any subject in my uni to offer any extra credits for students. But, my gorgeous and "big" lecturer willing to give extra 30 marks if we do some essay to him like around 5 pages. of course i love it! hehe.

and another thing is... berusehe! :)

* memory excavation in Buffalo Zoo last summer

 *nampak x tulang ape dlm tu :) hehe

Monday, March 14, 2011

bla bla blaaa :)

salam ukhuwah semua!

 the time is passing so fast. it is only 2 more months i gona go home in mAlaYsia yuhuUUU!!! well, this spring break nothing special, i m too lazy to have some visiting around US. Nevertheless, i did have traveling so much during the winter break. so, i dont know where else i want to travel in US. i dont wanna go to a state that has nothing special. Act i m not going to Florida yet, but people say it is just like california with beach, hollywood , and disneyland. since i visited california, so no need to go there ( i think) i should spend my money to travel to canada, and some other places, or shopping!!!! :) it is a long time i m not wasting tyme buying my dresses, stuffs and blaa bla blaa. it is so busy, busy with study and personel matter.

btw, international fiesta was over. i m so happy coz no more practise. i m tired and now i have to focus my study. honestly, my study is not going well. i have to work harder. Dont wanna talk too much about it but surely, i wont let my study become worst. InsyaAllah, everything will be fine. :)

ok! see ya next time *kiss Kiss*

Thursday, January 13, 2011

bantal putih

well, no more doubt im not talented to  b a real blogger. i just came back from traveling over west coast of United States. Surely it ll be the most unforgetable ordeal in my life. Thanks to Allah for all the oppurtunity that He gives me. And not to forget the love He gives me by sending som**** special in my life. Alhamdulillah.

                                                                       LAS VEGAS





                                                                     BEVERLY HILLS

                                                               UNIVERSAL STUDIO

                                                                       MISS THEM


P/s: still i miss back home so much.

Monday, September 6, 2010

jauh melayang

Subahanallah dan seribu satu kesyukuran dipanjatkan. Begitu indah hidup ini, jika segala yang datang: tuah mahupun musibah kita sambut dengan jiwa yang kuat. Yakin di datangkan sesuatu itu untuk menguji kita. Semakin banyak hari yang dilalui di bumi barat ini, semakin banyak kerang pengalaman dikutip.satu persatu aku masuk kan dlm bakul.bakul itu aku simpan.

kalau dahulu hidup mudah.. kini hidup lebih mencabar. tidaklah aku mahu merungut gundah gulana, cukuplah ucapkan syukur kerana yakin dan pasti masih ramai di dunia luar yang hidupnya lebih susah.kisah apa org kata, coz i'm not living 4 them. In fact, this is the right time to explore the real world, to know the life, and to know the meaning of satisfaction. Life is not a bed of roses absolutely.

Fall semester ini, walau sudah mahu masuk 2 minggu, penatnya boleh tahan. kelas, kerja dan persatuan. *sigh *sigh *sigh ( Intan, sila kuat lagi) *senyum *senyum *senyum

paling teruk kalau penat pn senyap saja,no facial expression. keadaan ini sememangnya mengajar menjadi lebih menghargai masa.

Balik kelas -------> homework/ belajar
Balik kerja-------->homework/belajar
Balik meeting----->homework/belajar
Balik ******------>homework/blajar
blaaa blaa blaaa...

kalau dulu ada transport pergi kelas.skang kene la jalan kaki. so far, jalan kaki tiada masalah.rumah sebelah kampus should be okey.kalau dulu mmg malas pergi gym even gym beberape langkah je dari rumah,skarang jalan kaki itu aku anggap exercise atas treadmill. guess what, berat badan pn dah turun. see, hikmahnya :)

Terima kasih Allah kerana tidak lupa pada saya yang hina, alpa  ini.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

the next step into a new world

not everything we want, wil b ours. sometimes u feel alone, but still Allah always b on ur side. To be a daughter far from the homeland has taught me a very good lesson. I appreciate my family more and more. Missing my father makes my heart weak and weak enuf. i never said " i love you dad" since I really dont know how to express that pure feeling into words, it is the most merciful love from me after "love to The Almighty and the prophet Muhammad". i just whisper slowly, sending the love confession through my eyes and smile to him.

Fall semester is coming soon. For only one week more, i've to motivate myself, rest rest and rest. Very sure, there will be a very damn hectic and busy life through the whole semester....and i'm counting down for the next year's summer session. Wait for me HOME!